220032, Minsk, ul. Uralskaya,5 
Reception (Therapy): (017) 245-10-01 
Reception (Trauma): (017) 398-86-43 
Reception (Maternity Hospital): (017) 245-18-31
Paid services: (017) 299-91-06

Phone numbers

Hotline phone numbers:
6th City Clinical Hospital
(017) 392-54-68
Health Care Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee
(017) 285-00-10
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus
(017) 222-70-80

Paid Services
For the citizens of the Republic of Belarus:
(+375 17) 299-91-06
Daily from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM (lunch time from 1.00PM to 1.30PM), except for official holidays
For foreign citizens:
(+375 17) 245-25-12
Daily from 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM (lunch time from 12.00AM to 12.30 PM), except for official holidays

24/7 Crisis Hotline with call recording
6th City Clinical Hospital
(017) 38-59-442
Health Care Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee
(017) 39-64-565

Psychological counseling phone numbers:
Crisis hotline for adults
(017) 290-4-444
Crisis hotline for children and teenagers
(017) 263-03-03
City center for borderline personality disorders
(017) 24-56-174


Methods of payment

Raschet is an automated information system of the common settlement and information space (AIS ERIP) developed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus with a view to facilitating acceptance of payments made by individuals and legal entities (www.raschet.by, call center 141)

You may easily make any payment in a bank, on-line bank or mobile bank, bank terminal or ATM, etc. (list of customer service points).

We accept cash, e-cash and credit cards.

If you make a payment in a bank, please, inform a cashier that the payment is to be made via Raschet System (ERIP).

If you are going to make a payment yourselves, please, follow the payment procedure below (note: you need a contract number to make a payment):

  1. Select Raschet System (ERIP)
  2. Select Minsk → Social services, Health care → Hospitals→ 6th City Clinical Hospital
  3. Enter a contract number
  4. Check the entered data
  5. Make a payment