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Pulmonary Department No.2

MariyaI. Zhurovich

Chief of the Department

Reception Hours:

  • Monday from 3.00PM to 4.00PM
  • Thursday from 10.00AM to 11.00AM

Phone:  +375-17- 245-05-39,

4th floor of the Internal Medicine Facility

Natalya S. Urban

Chief Nurse

Phone: +375-17-297-93-62


Phone:  +375-17-245-90-44

Nurses station:

Phone: +375-17-245-18-03

The capacity of the department is 60 beds.

The relevant patients may be admitted to the department for hospitalization. The relevant patients are the patients, who are provided medical services by the following health care establishments: 13th City Outpatient Clinic, 19th Central District Outpatient Clinic, 23rd City Outpatient Clinic and 30th City Outpatient Clinic. To be admitted for hospitalization a patient should have a referral from a primary care physician. The total number of the assigned patients is 175 000. Besides, emergency patients, patients with nonspecific lung diseases, patients who need to undergo differential diagnosis of disseminated diseases and patients with cancer may be admitted to Pulmonary Department No.2.

The department has the following equipment and facilities:

  • oxygen concentrator. It is used to treat the patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (long-term oxygen therapy);
  • pulse oximeters;
  • nebulizer therapy room;
  • room for the collection of sputum samples.

The specialists of the department perform fiberoptic bronchoscopy, computed tomography, x-ray examinations, spirography with function tests. There is the “Asthma School” and the “COPD school”, where the patients may learn more about the diseases, treatment options, medications and side-effects of medications. They are also taught to properly use inhalers and peak flow meters. Such activities proved to be effective, because fewer patients with asthma and COPDs need inpatient care and patients those who still need inpatient care sty in hospital for a shorter period of time.

The specialists of the department are involved in anti-smoking activities. Smoking may lead to pulmonary diseases. They also provide medical care to pregnant women.

All patients are treated in accordance with the standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

The specialists of the Department of Introduction to Internal Medicine of Belarusian State Medical University provide consultations and treatment. V.P.Tsarev, Professor of the Department of Introduction to Internal Medicine consults the medical specialists of the Pulmonary Department.