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Department of Endoscopy

Данович Александр Эмильевич

Данович Александр Эмильевич

Заведующий эндоскопическим отделением

телефон: +375-17-245-44-89

телефон ординаторской: +375-17-245-44-87

График приёма по личным вопросам:

  • понедельник, с 15:00 до 16:00
  • четверг, с 10:00 до 11:00

I этаж 5 корпуса


Специализация: эндоскопия.

Стаж работы: свыше 15 лет.

Квалификационная категория: высшая

Aleksandr E. Danovich

Chief of the Department

Phone: +375-17- 245-34-02,

Staffroom: +375-17-245-82-62

Reception hours:

  • Monday from 3.00PM to 4.00PM
  • Thursday from 10.00AM to 11.00AM

Ground floor of the Internal Medicine Facility

Lyudmila I. Gurina

Chief Nurse

Phone: +375-17- 245-34-02

The Department of Endoscopy was established in 2009. It is a separate division of the hospital. The department has the state-of-the-art high-resolution and small-diameter endoscopy systems (Japan).

All examinations are carried out by highly-qualified endoscopists under anesthesia:

  • video gastroduodenoscopy;
  • video proctosigmoidoscopy;
  • video colonoscopy;
  • video bronchoscopy;
  • biopsy during the above examinations.

Endoscopic manipulations and surgery

Endoscopic laser surgery:

  • laser recanalization of primary and postoperative intestinal strictures;
  • laser recanalization of tracheobronchial strictures;
  • laser ablation of benign tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and the tracheobronchial tree, including recurrent ones;
  • laser vaporization of callous and refractory gastric ulcers;
  • laser vaporization of dysplastic and metaplastic intestinal and tracheobronchial mucosa;
  • laser ablation of hemangiomas;
  • laser hemostasis;
  • laser ablation of mucosa in the patients with Barrett’s esophagus;

Pancreatobiliary endoscopy:

  • endoscopic lithotripsy;
  • extraction of calculus;
  • endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography;
  • endoscopic removal of benign tumors;
  • endoscopic polypectomy in the patients with polyposis;
  • endoscopic mucosal resection;
  • endoscopic removal of lateral villous adenomas;
  • endoscopic removal of tumors over 3 cm in size.

4. Endoscopic balloon dilation and recanalization;

5. Endoscopic stenting of gastrointestinal organs;

6. Insertion and removal of intragastric balloons for non-surgical weight management;

The specialists of the Department of Endoscopy were the first to manage weight with the help of intragastric balloons. We use certified Helioscopie balloons (France).

7. Capsule endoscopy (non-invasive detection of abnormalities of the small and large intestine with the help of video capsules).

The specialists of the Department of Endoscopy were the first to use capsule endoscopy technique. We use certified Given video capsules (Israel).