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Central Sterilization Department

Elena S. Balybina

Chief Nurse

Phone: +37517-245-21-02

The central sterilization department is a division of the 6th City Clinical Hospital. The department has the advanced disinfection and sterilization equipment, packing materials and consumables. The specialists of the department clean and sterilize medial items. There are ultrasonic machines, two STEELCO washer disinfectors, five GPD-560-2 steam sterilizers, two VFE-2/09 desinfection chambers, film and paper packing and crepe packing for sterilized items. All nurses of the department have qualification categories. They perform their activities in compliance with the orders and applicable regulations for equipment design and operation, labour safety and sanitary and epidemiological conditions.

The capacity of the equipment and experienced staff ensure a timely provision of sterile items to the departments of the hospital.