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Maternity hospital:
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Department of Physiotherapy

Островская Юлия Леонидовна

Островская Юлия Леонидовна

Заведующий физиотерапевтическим отделением

телефон: +37517-297-53-12

Моб. телефон +375-29-365-58-55

График приёма посетителей по личным вопросам: ежедневно (по будням) с  9.00 до 10.00 ; 13.00 – 14.00

корпус № 4 (травматология), 2 этаж, кабинет № 23


Специализация: физиотерапия, рефлексотерапия.

Стаж работы: свыше 15 лет.

Квалификационная категория: первая.

Yuliya L. Ostrovskaya

Chief of the Department

Phone: (8-017, 8-0172) 297-53-12

Mobile phone: +375 29 365-58-55

Reception hours:

  • On working days from 9.00AM to 10.00AM, from 1.00PM to 2.00PM
  • Facility No.4 (Trauma Facility), 2nd floor, room No.23

Alla A. Kaminskaya

Chief Nurseа

Phone: (8-017, 8-0172) 297-53-12

Mobile phone: +375-29-170-61-71; +375-25 798-49-71


Phone: (8-017, 8-0172) 245-03-91

The specialists of the department treat and rehabilitate trauma, orthopedic, therapeutic, obstetric, gynecological and surgical patients.

The rooms of physiotherapy are located in three facilities.

There the following rooms in the department: light therapy rooms, heat therapy rooms, massage rooms, laser therapy rooms, acupuncture room, physical therapy and mechanotherapy gyms, hydrotherapy room.

The department has 158 physiotherapy devices, including magnetic therapy devices (OrthoSPOK, GyneSPOK, UniSPOK, AVIMP, Seta-1), magnetic phototherapy device (PhotoSPOK), high-frequency therapy devices (UHF, RADAMER, etc.), extremely high-frequency therapy devices (EHF-Pramen), low-frequency electrotherapy devices (Amplipuls-4,5, Tonus, Stimat, Radius), therapeutic ultrasound devices (PULSON, UZT), ultrasound and double-channel therapy devices (KOMBI), laser therapy devices (Extrasense, Lyuzar-MP, Rodnik, Refton), equipment for ozokerite and paraffin applications, pneumatic compression therapy device (LYMPHA-MAT), vacuum therapy devices (PHYSIOVAC), lymph flow stimulators (KHIVAMAT), wave-therapy device, light therapy devices (BIOPTRON).

The physical therapy gyms have treadmills, stationary bikes, cycle ergometers, mechanical vibro-stimulators, stationary rowers, continuous passive motion machines, biologic electrical stimulator, mini steppers and belts massagers.

The specialists of the department develop special rehabilitation programs for the patients, who underwent hand reconstructive surgery. Such programs include physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and individual trainings with a study coach.

The staff of the department includes physiotherapists, rehabilitation specialists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, physiotherapy nurses, massage nurses, study coaches, physical therapists.

The specialists of the department apply the new methods:

  • physical rehabilitation after total knee joint replacement surgery using KINETIC SPECTRA machine;
  • treatment of posttraumatic contractures of small joints of the hand using KINETEC MAESTRA PORTABLE machine;
  • early physical rehabilitation after diagnostic knee joint arthroscopy.