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Maternity hospital:
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Paid Services:
(017) 377-09-37

Endoscopic examinations

Endoscopic examinations of the digestive and respiratory organs are made with the help of Japanese endoscopy equipment (small diameter, high-definition).

Phone: 245-34-02

  • video gastroduodenoscopy;
  • video proctosigmoidoscopy;
  • video colonoscopy;
  • video bronchoscopy;

biopsy during the above examinations (phone: 245-82-62).

Intragastric balloons proved to be an effective means to lose weight.

We also use capsule endoscopy technique to examine the small and large intestine.

There are enhanced comfort wards in all departments of our hospital. We also provide individual care on a paid basis.

To get a paid medical service, a patient shall make a contract with the management of the 6th City Clinical Hospital. A patient shall provide a passport to make a contract,

To learn more information about the paid medical services, please, contact us on 377-09-37. Foreign citizens may get information about the paid medical services or making of contacts on 245-25-12.

You may also send us an email at

We offer staying in comfortable wards.