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Methods of hemocorrection

The city center of Transfusiology

Department of clinical Transfusiology

The Department of clinical Transfusiology is located on the basis of the multidisciplinary 6th city clinical hospital, which allows to carry out any types of laboratory and instrumental examination at a high level, to correct the treatment of the main and related diseases, to hospitalize patients in the chambers of the therapeutic and orthopedic profile of varying degrees of comfort.

Treatment is based on methods of purification of blood from toxic substances, correction of its rheology (fluidity), immunity and metabolic disorders. All operations are carried out on modern equipment, using the latest technologies and only disposable sterile materials. The treatment eliminates the infection with hepatitis b virus, HIV and other pathogens transmitted through blood.

The following types of medical services are provided


A certain amount of blood is removed from the blood flow, the blood is divided into components, the liquid part (plasma) is removed, followed by the reimbursement of its volume with special solutions and the return of blood cells to the patient. Session with manual method lasts 90-180 min., with hardware method-50 min. the Course consists of 3-4 sessions at intervals of 3-4 days under the control of laboratory parameters.

Ultraviolet irradiation of blood

It causes the destruction of microbes in the patient's body, increases the fortitude of the immune system, reduces blood clotting and viscosity, increases metabolism. The patient's blood is transmitted in a sterile disposable system over a source of ultraviolet rays. The session lasts from 20 to 49 min., the Course includes 5-8 sessions.

Laser irradiation of blood in the air

Improves microcirculation, stimulates metabolism, rejuvenates the body, soothes the nervous system, relieves insomnia, reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, reduces blood pressure. The course of treatment - 5-10 procedures.

Skin laser irradiation

In herpetic lesions of the skin, abrasions 5-10 treatments.


Reduces allergicheskie and autoimmune reactions, stimulates the immune system. The course of treatment 10 days and repeat the course in 2 weeks.

Other methods include bloodletting, magnetic therapy, local use of platelet-rich plasma, etc.

In 2017, 6258 therapeutic procedures with a positive clinical effect were performed.

The Department is open from Monday to Friday from 8 to 16 hours.

Contact tel. (8-017) 239-59-22: 239-59-23.

There are enhanced comfort wards in all departments of our hospital. We also provide individual care on a paid basis.

To get a paid medical service, a patient shall make a contract with the management of the 6th City Clinical Hospital. A patient shall provide a passport to make a contract,

To learn more information about the paid medical services, please, contact us on 377-09-37. Foreign citizens may get information about the paid medical services or making of contacts on 245-25-12.

You may also send us an email at

We offer staying in comfortable wards.